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We offer the best quality, certified, and competitively priced Apparel manufacturing and stocks. Our aim is to help businesses globally, be it wholesalers, retailers, or freelancers, in developing and expanding their business.

Aver Enterprise is a Turkey based sourcing agency, specializing in Apparels of all sorts. We are dedicated in helping you get the best Turkish manufactured products for your business.

We are partnered with very sound, certified, professional, proficient, and highly skilled Turkish manufacturers. We can easily collaborate with any level of apparel, clothing, and accessories manufacturers.

Whether you want to stack your stock with stylish men’s clothing, sassy women’s clothing, high performing workout clothes, kids’ clothing, flannel collection, or any be-spoke designs, we can easily appease your requirements.

With years of experience and countless satisfied clients, we are confident to help expand your business to the next level.

Let’s join hands for a mutually prosperous business relationship.

Aver Enterprise Apparel Sourcing Agents


We specialise in sourcing modern, stylish, and even conventional women’s clothing. Our collections are constantly updated with the latest fashion trends. We can provide you with new and competitively priced items. Fun, smart and fashionable, our women’s collection are snapped up by leading brands, chains, boutiques, online fashion sites and wholesalers.

Easily catering to any design and product category

Sweaters / Sweatshirts / Tunics / Dresses / Denims / Shirts / Blouses / Coats / Overalls / Trousers / Skirts / Shorts / Capris / Tights / Jackets / …


We are the go-to sourcing partner for men’s clothing line as we offer options for diverse age groups. Our men’s collections give the most comfortable clothing experience. Suits that enable you to move freely in a busy business meeting; casual designs that offer comfort at the Sunday breakfast, the most stylish tuxedos for special occasions, or the tricots that warm you up for a ski holiday, are some of the factors that enrich your ‘Aver experience’ .

Aver Enterprise Apparel Sourcing Agents

Shirts / T-Shirt / Hoodies / Long Sleeves / Jackets / Cardigans / Sweaters / Coats / Waistcoats / Activewear / Vests / Underwears / Sweatshirt / Shorts / Trousers / Tuxedos / Track-Suits / PJs / Single Sub / …

Private labelling option available at competitive prices


  • Free Consultation Feel free to contact our customer service via email for consulting any questions about the sourcing process. We will try our best to answer all kinds of questions.
  • Product Sourcing Based on your demands, we help source in Turkey and offer you a free consultation. We help you procure and follow-up production.
  • Private Labelling We offer you the option to have your own brand name labelled on the available designs, helping you build and/or grow your existing brand collections.
  • Packaging We provide customized packaging & label for products. Send us your package and label drafts, we will print it for you and ship enclosed with cargo.
  • Quality Inspection Before delivery, we help you inspect the products to ensure they have no quality problems and are packaged as per your requirement.
  • Worldwide Shipping We can always find you the best logistics solution partner for shipping the products to your country.


  • In food products, we import high quality rice and spices.
  • In textile and apparels, we export and distribute Turkey’s finest clothing and fabrics.
  • In medical, we have a range of finest medical equipment that we export and distribute to different countries.
  • In tourism and real estate, we have a team of experienced individuals that facilitate in Property Sale and Rentals, Airport VIP Service, Family Settlement, Business Setup, Residence Permit, Work Permit, Notary, and related customer service.


Let us connect and see how Aver Enterprise can help you impact your target market to attain competitive advantage for a mutually progressive business relation.